The night I met Bret Michaels

Recap of the night

When peeing never felt so good and the Frisker has a sweaty but crack.

We sat in our seats “Vagina Vagina” and were in disbelief to find out that Poison opened for the New York Dolls.

We would have taken our shirts off for the roller coaster with TOMMY LEE if we hadn’t been 78 rows back.

Chest smacked random male ✔️

Meet me at Wilson Rosier ✔️

While going pee I was warned not to touch his wife…so we all screamed “PUSSY”

“What do gay horses eat?”

Merely seeming like serial killers we lured Best and Chris into our car. HOLY SHIT BRET IS IN OUR CAR , but where’s Stacy?!

The moment I opened the ground red pepper, shit got bad. Harrahs was never to be found. Which led Bret to SNS. The waitress loved Bret and wanted in our photos. Wiz Kalifia gave us dirty looks the whole time, we shouldn’t have ate our food.

I’ll never forget Bret’s order… A steak burger royal with a side of heart on my tittle. Montana’s long story’s to Bret about good ol Farmington and Cuzzins made him long for this place called home.

Bret said he’d never forget us, Chris just said he wanted to forget us.

Since the ground red pepper had made it to my eye I convinced Bret to let me in to his hotel room.

Lindsey flew out to LA and Kim is getting a divorce.

A forgettable night to remember.


New Year, New Muscle Part 1

I finished the first block of my workout program. I lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks and gained a mindset to never be satisfied. Always looking to improve, it’s about getting better every single day. I’m ready to start block 2 and see where I end up in 5 more weeks!

The program I am following is called Body Beast. If you are looking for a program to transform your body, you have found it! It’s like taking the old-school bodybuilding and combining it with a dynamic set training. Following this program exactly will transform your body very quickly. Be willing to push yourself every step of the way.

The first block consisted of 3 weeks of building all of my muscles. The diet was lean and green. Each work out focused on one or two muscle groups a day. I also added HIIT training for my cardio at the end of every workout. Adding a short fat burning workout to the end of day made me feel even more accomplished.

The difference between wanting and achieving is discipline.

Abrupt Desire

He whispers in my ear to tear my clothes off as he rubs his hands down my torso and hips. Instant chills come through my body and nothing that happened before has my concern. I turn to face him as I lift my shirt and he pushes me against the wall. He cups my breasts while his lips move from mine to my neck while my hands are in his jeans. We said it was over, but your clothes say something different lying on my floor.

To be continued…


You ever wake up and wonder where you are and what the hell happened with your lashes barley hanging on. Me at 5 am… and then he pulls me closer. Made it hard for my quick escape out.

I left his house and as I’m getting ready for work I realized I left my falseys at his house. So I went back… snuck in while he was sleeping and grabbed them off the counter. I felt like a ninja. And now He will never know I was wearing my falseys…

Concert Lineup

As a new year approaches I wanted to take a look back at some memorable shows over the past years. Music feeds my soul. I’m not subject to one genre, I like it all.

Dashboard Confessional & AJR

I can’t stress how much of a good show this was! Dashboard seriously put on the best show! First time ever seeing them and I can’t wait to see them again. Also can’t wait to hear AJR again in April when they come back to Delmar Hall. They have such a retro sound and had the crowd loving them!!

Real Friends

Scored free tickets from my friend Keith who’s the lead singer of The Cinema Story. Took my boyfriend Cody who LOVES them! The show was at a small venue called The Firebird in STL.

“You were easy on my eyes. You were heavy on my heart.”

The Cinema Story & Glass Mansions

The Cinema Story is a band I support often! The lead singer is one of my good friends so I try to make as many shows as I can! They opened for Glass Mansions who I didn’t know at all. But after hearing them I really liked their music and their retro type show they put on! They are definitely an up and coming band!

Wayback Pointfest with The Offspring, Sublime With Rome, and The Menzingers

I was so stoked for this concert. I love The Offspring, seen them years ago. They were just as good this time. The Menzingers were a band I wasn’t familiar with but I did enjoy the show. Sublime with Rome was exactly as aspected. We were slaushed by the time they played and drunkenly sang along to every song.

“Well I know I’m being used, that’s okay because I like the abuse.” – The Offspring

Warp Tour

We started drinking at 11 am and it was hot af. Never again. Seriously couldn’t even tell you who all played . I was dropping in sweat and Jamie was mad bc I wasn’t going down to mosh. But I do remember Yellowcard…The whole reasoning for going.. Plus the free tickets Jamie scored at her work!

New Found Glory

Basically the first time seeing them. They were at that Warp Tour that I barley remember I think I caught like one song. But I wasn’t real big on them but my friend Keith is obsessed with them so they grew on me!

Taking Back Sunday

I have always loved TBS they are my FAVORITE band. This was the first time I ever seen them, it was at Ballpark Village in STL. Great time with good friends!

“You’re a touch overrated; you’re a lush and I hate it.”

Brand New & Circa Survive

Traveled 4 hours to Kansas City to see them at The Midland. Ended up running into good friends and we jammed all night. Brand New lyrics always hit the spot.

“You are the smell before the rain, you are the blood in my veins.”

Motley Crue

Free Birthday tickets from my friend Ty at last minute! This was like the 3rd time I’ve seen them, never gets old! Craig were my clothes I honestly don’t even know what he was thinking but it was just a sight to see. Unforgettable night !

Pure Bliss

Have you ever met someone that you just wanted to spend time with? Just to be there with them and nothing else matters. You don’t have to go out and spend money or impress them with anything fancy. Just to be with them made you feel pure bliss.

I have that in my life and it’s quite wonderful. How we got there is a completely different story but none of that matters. Finding someone to grow with as a person who brings out the best in each other is such a good feeling.

It doesn’t matter what we’re doing. Going to our favorite concerts to just lounging in bed talking about life and adventures. I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone but him.

Forever Missed

Isn’t it kinda crazy that 2, 4, 7, 10 years ago, you were really close to someone, and as life happens you grew apart. Not because you wanted to. But as time passes, life changes who you are and who you spend your time with. A person who knew everything about you and in return you knew everything about them. Someone you called your best friend or maybe even someone you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. This person who had an impact on your life that you will never forget.

I lost that person Friday.

I instantly felt sick to my stomach and even thought there was no way it could be true. A million different things running through my head. What happened? Like why hadn’t I kept in touch? How are her parents taking this? What about her daughter? Why did I not message her back to get together forever ago? Why ? Why ? Why ? 

I felt sick, sad, scared, regret, All of it. 

I found some courage to drive to her parents on this same day. I sat in my car for a long time trying to think of the right words to say.. There are no right words. I was nervous. Mainly because I knew once I knocked on the door it would be more real than ever. Walking in and seeing her mother in so much pain was one of the saddest moments of my life. I feel like there’s nothing you can ever do or say to help a person grieving, you just have to be there for them.

Phylicia was an absolute wonderful friend to me, she was always there for me. For the good and the bad. I loved her very much. I met her when I was 17. We were young and wild but had amazing times together.  She was there when my daughter was born. We continued to hang out but not as much. Life happened and we slowly drifted farther apart, just checking in on each other here and there. I am truly grateful for the memories she has given me, ones I will never forget.

Today Is her service. The day to say the hardest goodbye. She will be truly missed!